Top 5 Spots to Get Ice Cream in Jersey City

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Top 5 Spots to Get Ice Cream in Jersey City

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From small batch gelato to handmade organic ice cream to frozen yogurt, Jersey City is definitely on their ice cream game. We highly recommend you try all these places:

● Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato
● Torico Ice Cream
● Milk Sugar Love
● Freshly Freeze
● Downtown Yogurt

1. Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato - 150 Bay St, Jersey City

Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato Yelp Photo

Bucket & Bay creates small batch gelato made from scratch with 100% grass-fed milk. Offering unique favors like Fuji Apple Cider, or alcohol-infused Black Label Vanilla (made with real vanilla beans and infused with Johnny Walker), there is definitely something for everyone here! Bucket & Bay also carries Choc-O-Pain pastries coffee from ModCup.

2. Torico Ice Cream - 20 Erie St, Jersey City

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With a name translating to "everything is delicious", Torico is a go-to ice cream spot in Jersey City where everything really is delicious. The ice cream is made in-shop and comes in more than 65 flavors.

3. Milk Sugar Love - 19 McWilliams Pl, Jersey City

Milk Sugar Love Website

At Milk Sugar Love, they churn delicious ice cream made from organic milk and cream and all the best New Jersey produce. All ice cream and sweets are crafted by hand in their kitchen in Jersey City. Check out their "Mac Daddy" ice cream sandwich, featuring Fruity Pebbles ice cream inside two macaroons. So good!

4. Freshly Freeze - 512 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

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Freshly Freeze is a newly opened spot that offers Thai-rolled ice cream made and rolled to your liking and topped off with unlimited toppings!

5. Downtown Yogurt - 126 Newark Ave, Jersey City

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Ok, so this one is mainly frozen yogurt and not ice cream, but it is still one to note, and they are now offering a custard option, in addition to their many frozen yogurt flavors. Self-serve frozen yogurt and toppings, you can make some pretty incredible combinations at Downtown Yogurt. They also just recently started carrying Milk Sugar Love Cookies, which together with their yogurt make the perfect treat!

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