6 Places to Get Fish & Chips in JC & Hoboken

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6 Places to Get Fish & Chips in Jersey City & Hoboken

Looking for beer battered goodness? We've got you covered. Check out the following six places that serve a fish fry fish & chips in Jersey City & Hoboken.

1. White Star Warren - 179 Warren St, JC

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White Star Warren has a Fish & Chips with Alaskan Cod, House Slaw, Roumelade.

2. Samakmak Seafood - 772 Westside Ave, JC

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Samakmak Seafood has tons of fried (or grilled) fish options, including Perch, Tilapia, White Fish, and more. Available as an entree or sandwich.

3. Court Street Restaurant & Bar - 61 6th St, Hoboken

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Court Street Restaurant & Bar has an English Style Fish and Chips.

4. 9th and Coles - 174 Coles St, JC

9th & Coles

9th & Coles has a Beer-battered Cod served over a top of shoe-string fries, lemon wedge and homemade tarter.

5. Tutta Pesca - 155 3rd St, Hoboken

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Tutta Pesca has a *lunchtime* New England Cod Fish & Chips, along with a Light Breaded Flounder served with cole slaw and coated french fries.

6. Elysian Cafe - 1001 Washington St, Hoboken

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Elysian Cafe offers a *lunchtime* Batter Dipped Cod Fillet, Pommes Frites, Tartar Sauce, and Malt Vinegar.

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